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If you are looking for an experienced and qualified general practice attorney, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law can help with legal guidance designed to efficiently resolve your legal matters and protect your best interests. I am committed to serving Individuals, families and businesses with qualified legal counsel in a range of practice areas and provide a personalized and cost effective client-centered approach. If you are facing a legal matter and want to ensure that you make the most informed decisions possible, consult with a qualified lawyer who truly listens to your concerns providing practical answers to a range of legal questions that may include:

What is the best business form for my company?

How can I most effectively organize my assets to ensure they are distributed according to my wishes?

What is the most cost effective method for obtaining a divorce?

What are my legal rights if my employer is treating me unfairly?

How can I handle contract disputes and avoid litigation?

Is it necessary to contact a lawyer when buying or selling property?

How can I recover medical costs for an injury that occurred on public property?

Our Legal Team

Easily accessible to clients his care, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law works closely with clients and answers all forms of communication in a timely manner tailoring cost effective services toward achieving the best possible outcome either in the courtroom or through well-supervised Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. I have assisted many individuals, families and businesses with a broad range of legal problems, disputes, and difficulties for which I provide a tailored selection of legal options designed to precisely fit specific requirements including any limitations on budget.

Although every case is unique, each of them require careful and detailed legal analysis to successfully advocate for the best interests of my clients in what may often prove to be a complex area of law. I have successfully represented small business owners, disabled workers, landed immigrants requiring work visas, fathers seeking visitation rights and elderly clients who were victims of abuse. I am dedicated to protecting the best interests as well as the well-being of my clients within a range of practice areas that include:

I am dedicated to helping clients every step of the way during the entire legal process and providing quality legal representation that includes extensive legal resources. If you require highly specialized legal assistance, I frequently consult with and refer clients to other qualified legal professionals who can effectively address your specific concerns. My goal is to provide you with the best legal resources available to successfully resolve all legal matters.

Honest and Effective Legal Guidance

James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law is committed to treating each client with respect earning your trust to build lasting working relationships that provide qualified legal counsel at key points of life and whenever unexpected events arise that may threaten your property, business interests, finances and family life. Contact my law office to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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