Broken Arrow Real Estate Attorney

Since every real estate transaction carries a certain element of risk enlisting the help of an experienced attorney in real estate law is just good common sense. Whether you are a contractor, developer, or looking to buy or sell your home, protect your investments with the legal guidance of an experienced in Broken Arrow attorney to oversee all of your real estate transactions. The law office of James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law provides a full range of legal services to ensure your best interests are protected with any real estate matter.

Residential Real Estate

Don’t wait until a contract is signed and cancellation is no longer possible. Consult a Broken Arrow lawyer experienced in real estate law when buying or selling a home to ensure your complete understanding of all the legal requirements and to avoid any possibility of future litigation. James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law represents sellers, buyers and lenders in every phase of a residential real estate transaction for condominiums, single family homes or investment properties.

Commercial Real Estate

Governed by both federal and state laws, commercial real estate investment can have potentially serious financially consequences if contracts are not clearly understood and drafted by a legal expert in real estate law. Whether a commercial real estate transaction involves the purchase or sale of a shopping mall, restaurant, retail store or industrial complex in Broken Arrow, James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law provides legal advice and expertise for land developers, landlords and property owners on a full range of real estate issues for a variety of commercial projects.

Real Estate Development

Land developers can minimize risk and achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with the legal guidance of a qualified Broken Arrow lawyer experienced in real estate law. James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law has overseen projects that include condominium conversions, the development of shopping centers, residential complexes, office buildings and new constructions as well as providing practical legal advice regarding the best real estate financing options.

Real Estate Litigation

James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law provides a thorough legal analysis of purchase agreements, commercial leases, property records, construction contracts and other legal documents to protect your interests in the event of any breach of contract in a real estate transaction. If you are a Broken Arrow, commercial real estate developer, building contractor, condominium association, a home buyer or seller, consult a real estate lawyer for legal solutions and prompt and efficient settlement of any real estate contract dispute.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Many may believe that hiring an attorney to evaluate a real estate transaction may not be a worth the expense or even necessary, until they are faced with a legal problem or litigation. Arranging for an attorney to review real estate documents before you sign eliminates unforeseen and costly legal problems down the road. The law office of James A. McAuliff, Attorney at Law in Broken Arrow will ensure that you get the best deal possible when negotiating the purchase or sale of any property and that every aspect of a real estate contract is drafted with legal precision including the assessment of the initial purchase agreement, title clearances, deed filings, property transfers and more.