Jenks Legal Services

James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law provides legal services to a range of residents in Jenks that may include low income earners, seniors and those suffering with disabilities. If you have a legal problem and cannot afford an attorney we provide legal assistance to ensure your personal and financial security in a range of practice areas that include:

Housing Law Legal Assistance - James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law has helped clients who are facing court ordered eviction from their homes as well as handling a range of other landlord tenant disputes. Jenks residents who have been displaced from their homes due to any natural disaster, denied utilities for any reason, or have been denied their security deposits are advised to contact a James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law legal expert for immediate assistance.

Family Law Issues - James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law provides legal representation for divorce, custody, child visitation child and spousal support among a full range of family law issues that also includes legal help for those dealing with domestic violence

Consumer Legal Issues - Understand your rights with regards to debt collectors and creditors and any form of consumer problem. If you are a Jenks resident facing financial difficulties as a result of consumer fraud or theft, or if you have problems due to credit card debt, unpaid medical bills, and other losses incurred as a result of a disability or loss of employment, our legal staff can help.

Legal Assistance for Seniors - James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law provides legal representation, assistance and /or referrals to seniors that include help with Social Security benefits, Medicaid, food stamps and legal guidance in any practice areas that a Jenks senior may require legal help for.

Legal Assistance for Tax Issues – Low income Jenks residents may benefit from a taxpayer clinic that offers legal assistance for problems with the IRS, child tax credit information, earned income tax credit and a range of other tax related matters.

Public Benefits – James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law offers legal help for families requiring temporary or emergency assistance, food stamps, social security or information about supplemental income and health care assistance in Jenks. Understand your right to a fair hearing if any benefits you are entitled to have been unfairly denied or terminated.

Legal Services for Immigrants – Eligible Jenks residents may request legal information and receive legal representation for immigration issues related to naturalization documents, citizenship applications, the denial or expiry of visa applications, renewal of permanent residency cards and for help with deportation and other legal matters.

Veterans Assistance – Veterans deserve to be honored, not saddled with legal problems they do not deserve. James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law provides free legal services to Veterans on any matter that involves social security, veterans benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and legal assistance with housing issues, debt collection and more.

Legal Clinics for Assistance With Self-Representation

James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law offers legal clinics at our Jenks office to provide legal guidance to individuals who are able to represent themselves with regard to various civil legal issues. Contact our office to register and for a schedule of upcoming clinics that address a full range of legal topics including divorce, tenant landlord disputes, immigration law, bankruptcy alternatives and debt counselling, social security benefits and many others. Visit or call our office for further information and answers to any questions you may have.