Jenks Personal Injury Lawyer

James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law represents victims of any type of accident or in the case of denial to benefit claims in Jenks. If you have been injured while on the job or as a result of hazards on a property due to someone else’s negligence, or if you have been denied Social Security benefits or Workmen’s Compensation, contact our law office immediately to find out if you have a case.

The law office of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law in Jenks provides solid legal representation for a full range of personal injury claims related to:

Social Security Benefits - Worrying about how you will earn a living and continue to work to pay off medical bills when you have become disabled is truly overwhelming to say the least. Social Security is in place to provide financial benefits to those who are unable to work due to physical or mental problems yet often requires the legal representation of a qualified Jenks personal injury attorney to prove the validity of your claim. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law will provide you with a complete review all of your legal options and fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Veteran’s Benefits – Disabled Veterans are entitled to benefits due to injuries or illnesses that occurred as a result of active duty. PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, amputation, chronic pain and a range of other conditions may entitle you to Social Security or Veteran’s benefits. Whether you have been honorably discharged or not, you may be eligible to receive Veteran’s benefits for a disability and receive additional payments for any dependents. With millions of Veterans across the country, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping military servicemen and women receive the rightful compensation that they very much deserve.

Long-Term Disability – Long-term disability benefits are typically offered by either on employer or through an insurance policy. Most long-term disability issues are addressed through benefits provided by either Social Security or Workmen’s Compensation yet often require legal representation to navigate an array of complex legal technicalities. In addition, individuals who are dealing with conditions that started out as a short-term disability that have evolved into a long-term and chronic disability have an even tougher time with claiming financial compensation to cover lost wages and ongoing medical costs. Pursue your right to appeal long-term disability claims with the experienced services of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law personal injury attorney.

Defective Product Compensation – Manufacturers are responsible for distributing products that are safe and not misleading in either advertising or labelling. Yet many people have suffered illness, injury and death from a defective product. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law guides you through the legal steps required to ensure you receive the care and financial compensation required if you have been hurt by any product in the course of normal use. Write down any information about the product and save it along with any instructions and contact our law office in Jenks immediately for a thorough legal review of your product liability case.

For a free case evaluation and more information about legal services from a personal injury attorney in Jenks, contact the law office of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law to schedule a consultation.