Broken Arrow Civil Litigation Attorney

When personal or business civil law matters turn into complex legal problems, consult a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney in Broken Arrow to protect your best interests. Whether you require arbitration, mediation or effective legal representation with a federal or state litigation trial, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law offers a complete range of services that include:

Breach of Contract

For qualified legal guidance related to commercial lease disputes, the breach of an employment agreement, a non-compete agreement, the breach of a purchase agreement, or legal troubles with a contract between landlord and tenant, contact James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law for a consultation to discuss any business contract dispute and review every legal alternative available to you. A skilled negotiator and an aggressive attorney at trial, consult an experienced Broken Arrow litigation attorney to uphold your contractual rights and pursue damages and compensation on your behalf.

Business Litigation

James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law Attorneys focus on settling cases on the most cost effective manner and make every effort to achieve alternative dispute resolutions whenever possible through arbitration, mediation and other methods. Whether you are a buyer or seller or a shareholder seeking to protect your assets, contact the law office of an experienced Broken Arrow lawyer for a client-centered approach that gets the results you are looking for.

Employment Disputes

Whether you are an owner or manager of a small business or large corporation, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law offers a broad range of experience with all legal matters as they pertain to employment law at both the state and federal levels. Whether you are dealing with legal issues with employment contracts, discrimination at the workplace, employee benefits, cases of wrongful dismissal and other complex issues at the workplace from drug testing to sexual harassment, contact my Broken Arrow law office to clearly understand and protect your rights.

Consumer Fraud

Regulated by both state and federal laws, manufacturers are liable for losses incurred by deceptive or false advertising as well as for damage, loss and injury caused by a defective product. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law works diligently to gather evidence and subpoena both witnesses and records to ensure clients receive proper compensation in all cases involving consumer fraud in Broken Arrow

Insurance Claims

Filing a lawsuit against an insurance company when policyholders have been unfairly denied a claim requires the expertise of a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney to handle the many legal complexities involved with Insurance law claims. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law is experienced with effectively interpreting the specifics and fine print of all details of the coverage and exclusions within any insurance policy.

Experienced Legal Expertise

Bringing any civil matter to trial can be challenging and always requires the skill and expertise of an attorney who understands the complex procedures particular to civil law. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law has extensive experience with resolving all types of civil litigation issues booth in and out of court and has provided legal counsel and representation for a wide range of professionals that includes Broken Arrow business owners and corporate executives, as well as professionals and hardworking individuals. Contact my law office to schedule a consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation.