Jenks Corporate Lawyer

The law office of James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law corporate attorney provides a range of legal services to meet the legal requirements of any sized business in Jenks. Whether your company is an emerging start up or an established business, benefit from qualified legal guidance and effective business solutions that address any matter of corporate law.

A Range of Business and Corporate Law Services

James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law structures corporate law services to fulfill the precise requirements of each business owner. Benefit from a personalized approach that helps you accomplish your business goals at any stage of stage of development. For emerging entrepreneurs looking for practical legal advice for developing a viable business plans and a full review of financing options, or for an established companies deciding upon the terms of corporate policies and the maintenance of shareholder agreements, James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law offers a complete range of services that include:

Corporate compliance and planning to effectively manage develop structure, books and records as well as shareholder actions, agreements and requirements. Consult my Jenks law office to ensure your company is in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations including international and domestic taxation issues. James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law provides extensive experience with securities matters, private equity and venture capital matters that allow clients to negotiate any corporate transaction with security and peace of mind.

Commercial transactions services include accurate negotiation, drafting and review of all mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, and corporate finance. James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law corporate lawyer offers expertise in all types of business transactions that guide business owners through complex legal jargon and potential red tape while clarifying the most important terms and conditions to preserve their best interests and accomplish business goals.

For licensing, copyright and the protection of intellectual property in the Jenks region consult with the law office of James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law to clarify legal rights and obligations with regard to trademarks, trade names and legal counsel for protecting proprietary information.

Skilled and experienced legal representation during litigation provides innovative legal solutions to settle business disputes promptly. James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law is focused on effectively resolving problems through arbitration or mediation to settle matters favorably for clients or by aggressively representing them in court including handling cases at the appellate level. For a case evaluation and management of any aspect of litigation from business torts and bankruptcy, to collections and class action law suits, contact my Jenks office for immediate legal assistance.

For drafting, review and revision of all business contracts and agreements that protect your business interests, James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law offers services for a range of documents that include asset and stock purchase agreements and partnership agreements, to employee contracts and joint venture agreements and many more. Contact my Jenks law office to discuss your requirements.

Competent and Effective Legal Solutions

James A McAuliff, Attorney At Law is committed the highest level of client satisfaction and is focused on providing the best legal solutions for any type of business in Jenks on any aspect of corporate law. For attentive and personalized legal services that are designed to ensure your business success, contact my law office to schedule a free evaluation and with any questions you may have.