Jenks Estate Planning Attorney

James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law provides complete estate planning that includes a full range of legal aspects for the official arrangement of all of your final legal documents. Consult with me at my law office in Jenks to simplify what can be a challenging process to ensure efficient management and distribution of all of your assets are carried out according to your wishes and for long-term health care planning the offers peace of mind for you and your family.

Personalized Estate Planning Services

Many individuals underestimate the amount of preparation required for effective Estate Planning that will minimize costs associated with Probate Administration and after death taxes. Protect your assets and the future of you and your loved ones with personalized legal services that are designed according to your particular situation. Visit the law office of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law in Jenks to discuss any of the following:

Asset Protection – Plan today for potential problems later. Protect assets from being eaten up medical costs and from questionable lawsuits or questionable claims to your estate.

Wills and Testament - James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law clearly defines your intentions for the final distribution of your estate that also protects your assets and covers every legal aspect to avoid problems later on.

Power of Attorney – Designate the person or individuals who are to manage and handle all of your affairs after death to avoid lengthy and costly probate proceedings.

Probate Administration- Ensure that every legal aspect of your Will and Testament is carried out with the legal guidance of an experienced Jenks estate planning attorney. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law represents your precise interests and provides valuable legal assistance to your chosen executors, administrators and personal representatives to effectively handle tax, debts and other claims and lawsuits made to your estate after death.

Estate Disability Planning – James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law assist clients in Jenks with making important medical decisions in the event of a future disability to ensure that assets are not unnecessarily eroded due to legal complications involving health care and Medicaid costs.

Estate Taxes – Ensure that your will and testament is carried out precisely and that inheritance and estate taxes are properly handled.

Estate Trust Administration- Eliminate family stress and discord with clearly defined Trusts that simplify and clearly outline asset distribution to any beneficiary over a specific period of time.

Is Estate Planning Necessary?

Without an Estate Plan, your family will undergo an expensive and time consuming probate process. Preserve your wealth and safeguard your future for later years with Estate Planning that includes:

  • Clear medical directives in the event that you become incapacitated.
  • Legal protection of your children’s inheritance.
  • The proper care for your spouse and those in your care with special needs after death.
  • Asset protection from creditors or lawsuits.
  • Safeguarding against your estate from being consumed by health care costs.
  • The ultimate assurance that your final wishes are precisely carried out.

For caring and accurate legal guidance that protects you and your loved ones today and in the years to come, contact my Jenks estate planning law office to schedule a consultation.