Tulsa Commercial Law Attorney

James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law understands how much hard work you put into maintaining your business in Tulsa and how legal problems and business disputes can potentially derail its success. That’s why James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law works diligently to provide effective legal solutions to any business law matter that allows business owners to continue to do what they do best. For a complete legal analysis of your situation that outlines all the implications of any legal concern from contract disputes to business litigation, contact my Tulsa law office for any of the following commercial law services:

Precise Legal Drafting and Review of Business Contracts

Both parties will typically enter into a business contract with good faith and positive expectations. Yet if not clearly defined, an improperly worded or unclear contract can create serious problems when challenges arise. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law carefully reviews a d drafts all business documents to ensure that the start of your commercial venture doesn’t become and expensive and never –ending business battle. When a contract is not written precisely interpretations are left to arbitrators and judges. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law works closely with business owners in Tulsa to provide business contract drafts that are clearly understood and yet not bogged down with excessive legal jargon.

Legal Expertise During Business Negotiations

Having an experienced Tulsa lawyer present during any type of business negotiation tends to keep business associates on their toes and ensures that each party’s intentions are transparent to all. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law provides legal expertise to assist you with important deals and to clarify topics that require legal precision from the outset. Benefit from precise legal knowledge geared to support successful deals and eliminate trouble spots before they turn into expensive problems.

Business Formation

For legal services that provide a solid legal foundation for the formation of your business in Tulsa contact the law office of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law for qualified commercial legal guidance and clarification of all business forms that include General Partnership, Limited Liability partnership LLP, Limited Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, Service Corporation, Personal Holding or Public Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation.

Business Litigation

When business disputes turn into civil litigation for a business enterprise in Tulsa, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law is available to evaluate your situation and provide you with legal alternatives and solutions that effectively defend for your best interests. For personalized services that help you determine the appropriate claims and counter claims possible in business disputes, turn to a qualified commercial law attorney for the proper filing procedures and for aggressive representation or mediation and settlement when appropriate. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant in a business litigation case in Tulsa, James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law contact James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law to represent you at trial and inform you of the risks and benefits within a range of legal options.

If you are served a summons in relation to a business dispute in Tulsa, contact an experienced attorney immediately to have an effective negotiator on your side whether you decide on reaching a settlement for damages or proceeding to a court trial. James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law assesses any damages you have incurred and helps you weigh the risks and costs with going forward with a lawsuit.

Contact the law office of James A. McAuliff, PLLC Attorney at Law today to schedule a consultation for any commercial law concern.